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Here i will show you the photos i took but i am not a photographer . i like shooting photos and creating design with Photoshop. 

black & white photo, in Mae Sai. i was on the bus. i changed the color into b/w photo because i don't like the original one. 

when i came back to Yangon from Singapore, my Sister bought a camera for my younger brother , so i took it with me. at home i tried to take so many photos with Canon. this photo is one of my favorite. 

New Era hat is very popular all around the world . this is NY logo in white and black hat . it is hard to buy this kind of hat at so many shopping mall in Singapore.

Once we go for shopping to Lotus in Mae Sai (Thailand) , a border city very near from Tachileik in Myanmar.

Image - 1

Image - 2
i am not lucky enough to get a job in Singapore. so in my free time, i work as a part-time worker during my stay in Sg. i know how is Singapore working life style !

Singapore - 1 , with my teacher ^^

Singapore - 2 ,

Singapore - 3 ,

Singapore -3 , i like this little street ... so cute !

Singapore - 4, Robinson
Note : all are taken with Old Nokia Phone
this was the first time i wore western style suit and shoes for my younger brother wedding.

i never wear vest. this one was taken at Sentosa in Sg  and really rear photo.

Sun glasses are very nice and i like to buy a good one. this is HP product glass , not so expensive . its costs only $45 i think.

A border bridge between china and myanmar ...
 i hate strong alcoholic drink. but i love a soft one like bear. this is just for fun at Lotus.

At our small rented flat in Tachileik Township, a little long hair and i was look so boring at that time ^^

 Top down shooting , so it is seem big on top and small at lower level.

With my Sister in Shwe Li , China

look like lay phye, Myanmar vocalist.
 Dickies hat , i don't know this is a famous brand name and logo !

New Era Cap

trying for two monitors at my shop

Sometime i am bored during the afternoon at shop, then i started to design on Photoshop with the help of online tutorials.

 this is my internet cafe poster printed on vinyl at Tachileik.

thai baht , suppose 1 baht is 26 kyat into Myanmar, convert system is like that :  100 / 0.038 = 2631

My Underwear !

My Dirty Legs n Slipper !

At Shop

it is a good idea finding backgrounds to shoot.

Picasa is also a good tool for photo editing, it is easy and fast than Photoshop. no need to have skills to edit!

this is a king of gambling called slot machine , made from China.

it have no name , china made , light and convenient !

So many ready made noodle come from Thailand , i often eat them for my breakfast. it is really quick , you know ?

 My latest hair style !


 iSad for Steve Job

 My breakfast

 Copper Red No.12

Dye your hair !

 back ^^

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